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We are pleased to present a qualitatively new, unique series of peptide bioregulators for sublingual use – Revilab SL, developed on the basis of modern Anti-Age medicine and innovative biotechnology. The preparations open new horizons in the natural correction and prevention of age-related changes in the body.

The series was developed on the basis of the shortest possible, low-dose synthesized peptides from raw materials of plant origin. The preparations trigger the synthesis of functional and structural tissue-specific proteins, which leads to the normalization of the body, to the physiological level required for a particular age group.

The sublingual form of application (drops under the tongue) accelerates the action and effectiveness, due to the absorption of active substances through a thin mucous membrane and direct entry into the bloodstream of the body. This bypasses the standard pathway of the portal vein circle in the liver, leading to primary deactivation, when ingested through the gastrointestinal tract.

Revilab SL contains several different peptides, bioflavonoid complexes, vitamins and trace elements at once, which results in a significant enhancement of the drug’s properties than taking each substance separately.

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