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Revilab ML is a line of multicomponent anti-aging products developed on the basis of synthesized peptides of Havinson, cytogenes. This series includes a complex of peptide bioregulators at once – from 3 to 4 types in each package. The maximum effect is achieved through the use of “all in one” technology, when each product includes not only a complex of ultra-short peptides, but also additional active components. Due to the targeted action of bioregulators active restoration of all the functions of human organs starts, and included antioxidants and “building material” increases the speed of healing processes of the body.

Peptide series Revilab ML consists of 9 items, each of which is designed to solve specific problems in the areas of rehabilitation after illness and injury, the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, the prevention of premature aging and other areas. All products of the Revilab ML line are included in the programs of complex peptide application.

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